Because who doesn’t like Dragon Ball Z?

Here was one of my miscellaneous posts at Sourcerer that featured the quality entertainment to be found on the Internet–in this case, it was Team Four Star’s Dragonball Z Abridged


by Jeremy DeFatta

Good day, everyone! I have a little treat for all of you today. Those of you who are fans of Dragonball Z, anime in general, and/or Internet comedy likely already know about Team Four Star, but I want to say a bit about them here.

Over the past five years, Team Four Star has produced a high quality, abridged version of Dragonball Z with a funny and talented cast of voice actors. To fans of the source material: do not worry; these guys are not making fun. They actually do it full justice and add a lot of humor that was absent from the original. That, and many of the voice actors sound very similar to the original American dubbed voice cast.

I recommend visiting TFS’s YouTube channel to watch the DBZA series, as well as funny videos of the team playing video games while in character…

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