Competing Fandoms: Or, why I am not a Whovian or Harry Potter fan, and never will be (but that’s ok).

This is perhaps one of my most controversial posts. What do you think of this?


"Allons-y" “Allons-y”

by Jeremy DeFatta

Initial disclaimer: Everything here  is my own personal opinion and does not reflect on the other bloggers here, who will likely disagree with me and may not even like that I wrote this. I will never claim that the things I do not personally enjoy are worthless or stupid in any way; they simply aren’t for me, and I’d like to understand why. My time as a teacher has taught me that controversial topics often elicit the best responses, so here we go!

How often do we wonder why we enjoy the things we do? In Nerd Culture, we have many, many fandoms devoted to all sorts of things we enjoy in comics, science fiction, fantasy, horror, hybrids of these things, etc. But do we ever really stop to wonder what about a certain something tickles our fancy? Let’s dive into a couple that are sure…

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What be your thoughts?

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