10 comments on “The Retrofitting

  1. Thanks, guys. 🙂 Hopefully all the reblogging won’t get too annoying. I just wanted to have some sort of link to all of my old content over here. I can also use this to post some things that might not fit on the other blogs.

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    • It’s definitely a good move, and I’m sure you can think of lots of stuff that fits best here. And I can add you to my reblog list if you’re posting things just here 😉

      As far as the reblogging goes. The only thing about it that might annoy people is frequency. The only reason I’ve ever unfollowed a blog, aside from seeing objectionable content or having a castrophic falling out, is for putting so much stuff at the top of my reader I had to scroll through two pages to find anyone else.

      It sucks you can’t schedule reblogs. If I were doing it, I’d do three or four a day and space them out, once I reblogged enough to have a nice archive.

      And don’t forget to tag the reblogs. They don’t go into feeds unless you do that. You have to edit the post and add them. It’s best to do that as soon as you reblog, because feed placement is based on the original timestamp. Once you miss the top of the feed, you’ve missed it forever. You want no more than 14 tags + categories combined. I try to have at least 11 or 12. It’s why I tag so much of our stuff “random” “all” and “thoughts.” I use those when I don’t have enough tags and need a couple more.


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