The Best Superman Stories since 2000

And an evening throwback: one of my older posts from Sourcerer about some of my favorite Superman stories. Go give it a look.



by Jeremy DeFatta

Much as this year is Batman’s 75th birthday, last year (the year of Man of Steel) was Superman’s. I’d like to commemorate that in much the same way I’ve been approaching this blogging thing so far, so here are my top five favorite Superman stories from the past 15 years, listed in no particular order. Superman fans are likely familiar with most or all of these, which should help get some discussion moving, but readers unfamiliar with the character’s more recent exploits will hopefully find helpful suggestions for new reading material.

All-Star Supermanby Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely

I imagine a lot, if not most, of my readers have heard of this acclaimed Grant Morrison story. This is basically Morrison’s love letter to Silver Age Superman, and he does not disappoint. The basic premise is that Superman is dying and he has a limited amount of…

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