Bruce Wayne: 5 Non-Canonical Versions

And yet another throwback from the Batman column on Sourcerer. This is the follow-up to the last one.



by Jeremy DeFatta

Happy new book day, everyone! Today, I want to look at my favorite (or soon to be favorite) non-canonical depictions of Bruce Wayne. This is a sampling that I’ve assembled in no particular order. Please feel free to respond to my list or give me one of your own in the comments below.

1. Kingdom Come by Mark Waid and Alex Ross

Several entries on my list will be Elseworlds comics, but I felt that Kingdom Come deserved first mention. This is a daring romp through a future world where all of DC’s familiar superheroes have grown old and retired, leaving the world to descendants who do little more than run about unchecked causing all sorts of havoc. That is, until Superman decides to get a few friends back together.

This is rightfully regarded as one of a few great archetypal superhero stories. Though it consists of…

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