The Future of the New 52 in Crisis?

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Over at esteemed nerd culture blog Newsarama there is a lot of speculation going on about the future of DC Comics as a universe, a continuity, even a brand in light of recent developments with the completion of Forever Evil. If you haven’t finished it, you should look away now and you probably also shouldn’t check the link.

The article raises a lot of great points and also highlights how out of touch a lot of DC’s fans are with how it operates. Those who still hate the New 52 for what it did are apparently unaware of how many universe-changing reboots there have been in comics. Even the shifting between Golden and Silver Ages was the establishment of a new comics continuity at DC.

Unfinished alternate cover to Flashpoint #5 by Andy Kubert. Courtesy of DC Comics.

That said, I do still miss a lot from before the New 52. And as much as I enjoy Tom Taylor on the title now, Earth 2 was a poor execution of a great idea. I would like to see the old versions of those characters (Alan Scott, Jay Garrick, etc.) in play once more. I’ll return to this topic again in the future.

The main idea presented in the article that struck me most was the possibility of a back door into old continuity, and that there are characters (Batman, Pandora, Booster Gold, and even the Phantom Stranger though he isn’t mentioned) who know something tremendous has changed in the world. I would like to see where all of this can go and how it can be used.

Hell, even the potential conflict between the Anti-Monitor and Darkseid could yield something useful here. After all, it has been established that there is only one Apokolips and one New Genesis in all the multiverse. Every version of Darkseid encountered so far has been the same being. What sort of knowledge might he possess?

Image of Darkseid by Jim Lee. Courtesy of DC Comics.

I don’t want to descend into too much speculation here, but I am eager for these events to occur and play out. Go and check out that initial link and come back for healthy discussion below.

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