3 comments on “Thoughts on Future Readings – Sci-Fi Novels

  1. I see some good stuff there 🙂 Some I’ve read, and some in my pile…
    I could add a few more recent sci-fi recommendations that I have loved…
    One is The Windup Girl, which is part near-future sci-fi, part suspense novel, as you wait to see which card in the house of cards falls first.
    Another is Ready Player One. It’s a pop-culture smorgasbord perfect for children of the 80s. The audio book is narrated by Wil Wheaton, and it is excellent.
    And one that is relatively unknown, though the author is not (at least, in YA circles). It’s a two-book series by Scott Westerfeld: The Risen Empire and The Killing of Worlds. Westerfeld is great because he takes current thoughts in science and projects them into the future – rather than projecting 1950s science into the future like some of the classics obviously do (and many of their successors do too). Until you’ve read a space battle that last for mere seconds because the spaceships are hurtling past each other at extreme high velocity, you haven’t read these books, at least. Great hard sci-fi. His YA stuff has some great future science questions in them too… these are some of his only “adult” novels.


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