The Road So Far…

Any other fans of Supernatural out there? Image from
Any other fans of Supernatural out there? Image from

Good day, everyone! I hope you all had a lovely weekend in general and I hope that all of my fellow Americans enjoyed their Independence Day celebrations. Today, I wanted to give a bit of a progress report on how things are shaping up with the blog’s expansion.

We now officially have three new contributors–Candice (whom you can get to know through her personal blog, Carving Out a Space), Phil (our resident Star Wars guru who will be introducing himself shortly), and Tim (a veteran teacher who has some things to say about that). Expect to see some posts from both Candice and Phil over the next couple of days. Tim’s first post should be up within the next few days or early next week. Also expect to see more from me as the week wears on.

We have a couple of more contributors (fellow bloggers who are also fairly busy with non-blog-related life stuff) in the wings, but I’ll announce them as time goes on and we work out more post ideas. Either way, I am also very thankful to them for agreeing to help me with this project.

For now, let’s welcome Candice, Phil, and Tim to our nerdy little thought-filled space. If the spirit moves you, please feel free to comment below. See you all again soon!

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