11 comments on “Yoko Tsuno: Smart Women, Science and Space Ships

  1. Oh, this sounds cool. Thanks for sharing the personally inspirational characters (I’m a fan of Agent Scully myself), and I love some egalitarian themes in my literature! It’s so nice to see you posting here 🙂

    On a side note, I can get free university courses. I’m just learning the job I have now, so no time for courses until next year, but long-term, not taking the free courses is kind of like throwing away money to me. I’m thinking about using them to learn a bunch of languages. So I can tweet with people in Spanish, French, German, and so forth, and read non-English literature. What about that?

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    • Thank you for your comment! (Agent Scully has been one of my greatest inspiration as well and currently preparing a book proposal about this character).

      That sounds like a plan for the language learning! I mostly use English besides French, but I can still understand (and speak a little) of Italian and German.


      • I’d forgotten about Italian. I have to start with Spanish because that’s what people speak all around me in the offline life.

        French is second, because I had a reading knowledge of French at one time, but lost it from lack of practice and no one to speak French with. I understand the verb structure and know lots of cognates. So, it should be easier than Spanish.

        I’ll have a hard time choosing between Italian and German for the third.

        At my age, this seems more practical than starting a Ph.D., because these are skills that can be put to use immediately, and they will open up an entirely new world of literature and thought for me.

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