2 comments on “An Implied Mel Gibson

  1. I was homeschooled and wish everyone could be — not REALLY, you know, but I wish everyone could have that kind of flexibility and tailored learning, and, for that matter, tailored social experiences. I’d be an absolute wreck if I’d been forced into public or private school. Totally agree we should be supporting and improving the public system rather than just griping about it, but I don’t want to see options being taken away.


    • In some states, not Mississippi, there is a public funded home school option. I knew a lady a couple years ago with a kid that had extreme ADHD. They wanted to home school her son because the teachers said he distracted the other kids and the school had labeled him as a problem child. After looking into this option she quickly found that she could not afford to home school. A similar situation happened when I was going through school. I didn’t fit in, and still don’t really, with any of my peers and I begged my mom to home school me. I grew up on welfare, free lunches, and daddy’s child support so there wasn’t any money in the budget for home school. Plus, my mother had to work to help support us so there really wouldn’t have been any way that we could’ve swung home school. That may sound like I’ve got a vendetta against home school, and I do, but what I just said I have heard from many people, current students, and adults. In that way I guess I fit in with the poor pretty damn well.
      It’s a great option don’t get me wrong, but it’s not an option for everyone. That’s really the point I was trying to make. It is currently unfair and a lot of parents pull their kids from public school to home school because they think the public school system is lame or full of horrible people. They don’t really do it to tailor learning to their child as much as shield them from the bad, bad world. Also, currently in public schools they are trying to make smaller classes so that they can tailor learning that is more flexible and pushes individual inquiry where the teacher guides students into discovery instead of just lecturing and spoon feeding them.
      The social interaction between students for hours a day, five days a week isn’t the only way to get social interactions, but it is hard to substitute when there are few options. Many of us have had to suffer and had to be pushed through the public schools simply because there were no other options. Please don’t feel like this is an attack because it is not. I have no animosity towards home schoolers, I just want there to be equal opportunities for those families who do not have the funds, time, or connections to have the option of home school as well.


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