I love to take photos of random things.

I really do. It’s a hobby. I almost never leave my house without my camera. I love, especially, to take photos of animal sculptures. When I say “sculpture” that includes everything from the most well-executed fine art to rusty old lawn ornaments (I love rusty things).

© Gene'O, 2014.
© Gene’O, 2014.

I started photoblogging back in the spring because I enjoy it and it makes for a few quick-and-easy posts every week. My own blogs are maxed out on photo features. I have enough original images to keep those running through February, and I’m adding at least 20 photos to my stock every week. So I thought, “Hey, why not share a few with my friends?”

I’ll be doing a little photoblogging here and at Part Time Monster as well as the usual Wordless Wednesdays and weekend photoblogging at Sourcerer and Just Gene’O.

Thanks, Jeremy, for inviting me to contribute!

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