6 comments on “Thoughts on Video Game Nostalgia: Diablo

  1. I spent countless hours on Final Fantasy VIII, KOTOR I and II, Dragon Age (all of them), Torchlight I and II and one year and an half of SWTOR. I am a casual gamer, but when I fall in love with a title, I just get hardcore on said game. I am in the same case regard how RPG games are the core of what I’ve played. When I went through burnout earlier this year, Torchlight II was something I played tons again. I’ve been itching to get back into KOTOR but I am trying to catch up with TV, so I don’t do everything together, because I know myself when I get sucked up into a game. I haven’t played SWTOR since July 2013 (about the time when I finished my eBook about female characters in the game) and I do miss it tons every once in a while, but I’m worried I’m going to get too hooked on it again (and I can’t afford the subscription and am unsure of the free to play features). In a way, I feel it’s better left in the past, but I miss it at times.

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    • I definitely feel you there, Natacha. I’ve been hesitant to get into any MMORPG after I saw what I became with Diablo. Also, it looks like we share a lot of the same tastes in games. But I’m not familiar with Torchlight. When did that come out?

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      • SW:TOR is the only MMORPG I ever played (I never got into WoW though I had tried it. It took Star Wars to get me into a MMORPG!) Torchlight came out in 2009 and the Torchlight II in 2012. The first game was great but I love how they improved things included in game play with the second one!

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      • Oh man, Torchlight is amazing! I heard rumors it was some of the actual people who helped make Diablo, in their own little studio. It was made as a cheaper RPG – more that it wasn’t super-high-end graphics, and lacks some of the heavy choice, open-world, and voice-acting elements you see in RPGs today (like Bethesda or Bioware games).

        Nope. This was a Diablo-like game, and I mean that in the good sort of way. Only a few classes to choose from, a deep dungeon of enemies to fight through, random loot, a bit of story, and a lot of fun.

        Haven’t played the second one yet, since it still isn’t out on the Mac… but I can definitely endorse Torchlight!


  2. Oh, Diablo. I have a slightly different take on the first game, in particular: I had the PlayStation version, which allowed for shared-screen 2-player co-op. I played this with my dad, and it’s still some of the best time we’ve spent together. The teamwork involved in a shared-screen action game like that – with friendly-fire damage – is intense. Such a good game.

    I played Diablo II entirely solo, but console Diablo 3 has gotten me back to co-op Diablo – the shared screen 4-player is a ton of fun, and the removal of the friendly fire makes playing this with friends a blast!

    Ah, Diablo… so good! Thanks for the post 🙂


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