Thoughts – 6-24-14

Apologies for my absence. I had a pretty awesome weekend with my girlfriend and the kids down in Florida. Unfortunately, I did not get to try much in the way of craft beer, but cold cheap stuff on the beach is heavenly. Look for more content as the week goes on, and don’t forget this week marks the six month anniversary of my Batman column at Sourcerer. Go give it a look.

On the Road Again…

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Everyone, I’m heading to Florida for a long weekend with my lady and the kids. I plan on living it up a tiny bit while there, and given the mission of this blog, it’s about time I started some beer blogging as well. So, that said, anyone want to recommend some brews I should try while I’m down there? Something I can only get in Florida and/or up north, perhaps? Bear in mind, I’m pretty well versed in beer for a Mississippian, so don’t go thinking I’m new to all this.

So, beer? Recommendations? Favorites? Go!