Weekend Music – The Tristram Theme from Diablo

Happy Saturday, everyone. I’ve been playing Diablo III a lot lately and it’s inspired a bit of nostalgia for the old games. Because of that, I thought this would be an appropriate choice for today’s music treat.

The Tristram theme was composed by Matt Uelmen and is the property of Blizzard Entertainment.

Soothing Sundays – I Am the One

This is the original, high fantasy version of the ending theme from Dragon Age: Origins, composed by Inon Zur. I thought it appropriate given my own building excitement over the release of Dragon Age: Inquisition this fall. Enjoy, and may your Sunday be chill!


“I Am the One” from the Dragon Age: Origins soundtrack composed by Inon Zur.

Weekend Music – The Shape of Things to Come

This has been a rough week for a few reasons, but I’ve made it through and am taking pains to make sure some of the bad experiences from the past few days don’t repeat. Here’s to better times ahead with more (and relevant) Battlestar Galactica music.


“The Shape of Things to Come” from the Battlestar Galactica season 1 soundtrack composed by Bear McCreary.