Contributors to the Thoughts

Jeremy DeFatta

Jeremy is a native of Mississippi and resident of Hattiesburg, where he is still trying to figure out what to do next a year and a half out of his MA in 20th Century American Literature. Though a lover of many aspects of Nerd Culture, his contributions to this blog will mostly fall under the umbrella of American and British comics and comics writers, a primary focus of his master’s thesis. He welcomes open, civil discussion on the points he raises in his posts. Feel free to follow his sometimes not-so-nice thoughts on Twitter @quaintjeremy.


Candice Mizell

One day we’ll have a goat, my daughter assures me. My son reminds me that he’ll soon be old enough to drive. So, you see, I’ve become adept at the smile and nod. Occasionally I write. Sometimes I even finish a project, but mostly… well, I live and dream.


Phil McNelly

Hey, Listen!


Tim Tanner

I like writing; it is fun. I have a big, fat, black cat named Tuna who is currently yelling at me at any point in time you are reading this. I like hot teas and sometimes I add honey. Beer is good, but whiskey brings the good feelings on faster. Sometimes, when I’m real nice, people let me be in their movies. I stay away from Facebook, but you can check out my IMDB page to see if I can manage to grab some okay upcoming roles.


Natacha Guyot

Natacha Guyot is an independent researcher and writer. She works on Science Fiction, transmedia, gender studies, and fan communities and practices. She is also a vidder, bookworm, fangirl and feminist. More about her projects, including her upcoming book Women in Science Fiction Television (Scarecrow Press, 2015) can be found on


Gene’O Gordon

Gene’O is a writer, an organizer, and a Geek for Life. His topics of interest include all kinds of theories, sci-fi and fantasy, writing, education, and social justice.  He is the owner of The Writing Catalog and the administrator of Sourcerer. You can connect with him on Google+Facebook, and Twitter.


Diana Gordon

Diana is a native Mississippian and a PhD student at the University of Southern Mississippi who is currently muddling her way through comprehensive exams in 20th century American literature, the digital humanities, and children’s literature. She is a nerd, a bookworm, a feminist, a mother, a teacher, a student, a tutor, a worrier, and a social media junkie. She is the administrator of the blog Part Time Monster, and you can follow her on Twitter @parttimemonster or find her on Facebook at She lives in New Orleans with her four year old son, the Little Jedi, her husband, and their terrier, Tank.


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