Worthy Cause Wednesday: Bill Mantlo

I’m sure a lot of people who keep up with comics news are familiar with Bill Mantlo, the co-creator of Rocket Raccoon who has been hospitalized since a 1992 hit-and-run left him severely brain-damaged, but still present. There was some concern prior to the release of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie that Mantlo would receive little from Marvel despite the nearly assured success of the film, but it appears that Marvel has made several gestures of late to assuage that fear. Either way, it is clear that Mantlo’s care is an expensive, ongoing process that does put some strain on his loved ones.

There have been a few charitable sites set up to collect donations for Mantlo’s care, one of the more prominent ones being an effort by fellow comics writer Greg Pak. I would urge any of you who enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy, or just Rocket Raccoon for that matter, and who are financially capable to simply research this case and consider a donation if you feel moved to do so.

Image of Rocket Raccoon taken from http://www.wired.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/RocketRaccoon.jpg
Image of Rocket Raccoon taken from http://www.wired.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/RocketRaccoon.jpg

There have been many comics industry writers and artists like Bill Mantlo who have led difficult lives of pain or poverty because of ambiguous stipulations in their contracts or the fact that they relinquished their rights to their own intellectual properties out of desperate need for pay. I am not pointing any fingers or calling the comics industry itself a bad guy, but it is worth knowing that there are many people out there who lent their creative blood and sweat to creating the superheroes we love who have relatively little to show for it. And what would our superheroes have us do at a time like this? Let it be said we care for our own.

Image taken from http://media.lifehealthpro.com/lifehealthpro/article/2011/11/03/art_Mantlo1.jpg
Image taken from http://media.lifehealthpro.com/lifehealthpro/article/2011/11/03/art_Mantlo1.jpg

I hope to donate some myself when I am able. Keep Bill Mantlo in your thoughts when you go see Guardians of the Galaxy, and check out The Bill Mantlo Project on Facebook.

This is me announcing my new column here at the thoughts.

Good day, everyone. I hope your weeks continue to go well. With all of our new contributors working up quality posts for the blog, I thought it was high time I also began working on more substantial content. Currently, I have the germ of an idea for a new column I’d like to work on, and it will be expansive in its scope.

I’ll go ahead and throw out there that I want to begin using my knowledge of the medium and its market(s) to address the growing concerns over the issue of diversity in comic books. My general approach to the topic will tend to follow one of three paths–pointing out and drawing outsider attention to the diversity that is already present, suggesting pragmatic methods for addressing the issue, and discussing why forcing diversity too quickly could ultimately be counter-productive. As time goes on, I’d like to extend this methodology to other media and genres as well.

Before this column even begins, let me be clear on one detail: I am most certainly in favor of encouraging the growth of diversity in Nerd Culture. I recognize, though, that forced change is the most actively resisted, as well as the most artificial form it can take. I want to entertain the idea of strong, persistent growth over time and see how that might solve the problem.

Let me know your thoughts on this idea for a column and its proposed methodology below. Expect the first entry sometime in the next week.

Imagine Batman with a Lantern Ring. Just Imagine it.

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I hope you all had a nerdtastic weekend, what with Free Comic Book Day and Star Wars Day happening and all. In this week’s installment of my Batman column, I’d like to drum up some excitement for my upcoming spoilery review of Sinestro #1.

Who remembers that time Batman was judged worthy of joining the Sinestro Corps?

Early on in his war against the Green Lantern Corps, Sinestro sent many, many rings out into the universe to find worthy hosts that he could field as soldiers. In our own little corner of the universe (Sector 2814), the person who inspired the greatest amount of fear in others was none other than our old friend Bruce Wayne. This—the ability to instill great fear—is the chief trait sought by the yellow power, and stands in opposition to the green power of will, whose chief trait is (as fans know…

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The Strange Case of Batman of Zur-En-Arrh

And some Batman weekend craziness from my column at Sourcerer. Enjoy!


Zurenarrhby Jeremy DeFatta

Happy new book day, everyone! Today’s Batman post was inspired by a recent Twitter conversation with fellow contributor Will Hohmeister following the first of my Joker posts. It will delve a bit into Batman’s psyche and examine one of his backup personalities, the Batman of Zur-En-Arrh.

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