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Thoughts on the State of the Thoughts (5-29-19)

Hello, everyone! I know it hasn’t been too long since I started maintaining this blog again, but I’m going to have to back off a little bit. Between this, work, and more important obligations, I just don’t have time in my week to continue churning out new content for a handful of readers. I also feel it’s a bit of a disservice to lean too heavily on older posts I wrote years ago to carry me for entire weeks at a time. That said, I’ll still be around and probably putting out a new post and a throwback post every week. I think I can handle that better. If you are reading this, or actively reading anything on this blog, let me know. I’d appreciate engagement and feedback. This type of writing is a relationship, after all. 😉 Let’s have a conversation!


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Thoughts – 6-19-14

I don’t get the same things out of reading and writing that other people do. I always seem to be the odd one out in any literary discussion because of my differing interpretations and appreciations of written works.

I still don’t know why it’s a taboo in literary circles to disagree with the majority. I rather enjoy knocking the majority off its high horse. These sensibilities also extend to other media for me.

Thoughts – 6-16-14

Where has the summer gone? It’s like time is accelerating… again.

My training tells me there is no such thing as a bad piece of writing. I’ve grown to wonder at the opposite, that there is no such thing as a good piece of writing. All writing is flawed and inspires conflict, whether within us or around us. A piece of writing’s effectiveness lies in how its audience reacts to the conflict and uses it.


Is Batman a Marvel character trapped in the DC Universe?

And another random (and popular) entry in my Batman column at Sourcerer. I hope you enjoy it.


by Jeremy DeFatta

Happy new book day, everyone! Today, I want to examine (in general) Batman’s character development over the years. This will at once be generalized but multi-layered, and is inspired by a comment I’ve seen making the rounds of the hundreds of self-certified comics news outlets around the internet: that Batman is more like a Marvel character, and is effectively trapped in the DC universe.

That said, we need to define what differentiates a Marvel character from a DC character and how Batman might be more like one than the other.

Traditionally, Marvel characters are seen as more realistic and relatable on a human level; they are not the perfect, archetypal god-figures of the Golden Age of DC Comics. They have imperfections and doubts; they make mistakes. Some might argue that whenever a DC character demonstrates an insecurity or fails at something, the writers are effectively emulating Marvel. I’m…

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