3 comments on “Sentient Animals in Gregory Maguire’s The Wicked Years

  1. I would like to preface my comments by stating that I have not read any of these books, but am now inclined to do so. Based on what I’m reading here, I can see how a parallel might be drawn to animal rights groups and their fight in modern society. While I do not agree with all, or even most, of PETA’s stances on animal rights, I can understand their goals. Animal testing, for example, seems to be a bit harsh nowadays with computer simulations and the ability to test tissue samples, I feel it has almost become obsolete.


    • I’m glad to have introduced the series to you. Honestly, the animal rights avenue is one I didn’t even think of. That’s the fabulous thing about literature, right? To find an interesting angle and draw conclusions and parallels from it, often filtered through our individual experiences.


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