Soothing Sundays – NASA Space Sounds

Here’s a late entry for Soothing Sundays. This is a sampling of sounds recorded by various NASA probes from the natural electromagnetic waves emitted by several bodies in our solar system. A lot of people think it sounds creepy (and I guess I can understand that given that some of these almost, almost have an artificial musical quality to them), but I find them relaxing. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Soothing Sundays – I Am the One

This is the original, high fantasy version of the ending theme from Dragon Age: Origins, composed by Inon Zur. I thought it appropriate given my own building excitement over the release of Dragon Age: Inquisition this fall. Enjoy, and may your Sunday be chill!


“I Am the One” from the Dragon Age: Origins soundtrack composed by Inon Zur.

Soothing Sundays – The Enterprise-D Idling for 24 Hours

Happy weekend, everyone! I’ve decided to start a little something new on the weekends, something to calm your nerves and help you recover in time for Monday. I’ve decided to call it Soothing Sundays. (Is that a thing already? I’m making it one if it isn’t.) This first entry is a YouTube video that features the Enterprise-D idling for 24 hours straight–some calming white noise. I think future iterations of this series will feature other light sounds, relaxing music, and my favorite ASMR videos from around the Internet. Let me know your thoughts on this in the comments below and please be sure to check back each Sunday to see what I’ve found for you.